Soaring Safari - News & Info

First Soarfari was:

Friday May 14 through Sunday May 16, 2021 at Twentynine Palms Airport, CA

Larry T. was the Honcho. It will be a combined winch clinic/refresher clinic (Saturday) and aerotow launch using the 29 Palms club towplane capability at a location with superior spring thermalling potential! 

Many pilots showed up. Two pilots concentrated on Winch clinic on Friday, Others towed and flew. Saturday most pilots did winch refresher training and helped run the line. Sunday almost every pilot winched in his own plane, generally to at or above 1000 feet, and GOT AWAY for the day in great soaring conditions.

Second Soarfari is:

Wednesday July 14 through Sunday July 18, 2021 at Lone Pine, CA

Zach Y. is the Honcho. It will currently has ONE tow plane from Avenal scheduled to be used but might be expanded if more pilots express interest to justify getting another. As of 5/11/21 there might still be a slot available for the first towplane pilot list.

to get a deposit to him for Lone Pine if interested.

Possible late summer third Soarfari in August… looking at Ely, NV

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